Bleeding at week 6 and 7

I had fresh blood in my discharge at week 6 for 2 consecutive days. Went to gynae and got a jab and is now on medication. But now at week 7 I just experienced another bit of fresh blood in my discharge. Should I continue to monitor or go straight to my gynae?

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It’s better to consult gynae, I have bleeding during 5 week, 9 week and 12 weeks but I still consult my gynae though knowing bb is ok

It's always safer to visit the gynae when abnormal things occurs. Jiayous!

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Please go to see your gynae immediately.

Please see your doctor immediately.

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Dont take risk.. pls see gynae asap

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Better to consult ur doc

Go see gynae asao

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See gynae please

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Btr c a doc