I just had my first period since pregnancy and my LO is 11mo now. I'm having the worst cramps in my life, feels like contractions and I'm in so much pain that I couldn't walk or any movement is painful too. Went to see the GP and he say it's not normal and requested me to go KKH but when I see the doc there, doc said there's nothing wrong. Is this gonna be always like this when I have my period next time or only for this first one after a long long time? I'm almost bedridden the past 2 days. What else can I do to reduce the pain, I'm taking painkillers now.

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Usually it's for the first period. But it's not the same for everyone. Totally depends too. Did ibuprofen help? Have you tried ponstan, warm compress and yuyee oil helps me at times

6y ago

I'm taking mefenamic acid now.. Warm compress didn't really help. Haven't tried yuyee oil yet. The pain only sooth better if I lie on my right side. It's weird.

I just found out it's due to an ovarian dermoid cyst, hence the pain.

2y ago

Stay strong dear. You got this. The dr couldn't detect it the first time you went is it?