Medical Report VS Gynae Report For Apply For Pregnancy Insurance

I got intention to apply pregnancy plan and the agent requires the Gynae to fill up Gynae Form that has a list of one page questions during appointment, is this considered a medical report and I need to pay $80 for it? I called NUH Medical Office but the receptionist was rude and said it is considered a Medical Report and it will take 6 weeks (which really isn't cause my agent herself don't want the full report). What we want isn't medical report but just the Gynae to fill up a one page form that indicates that everything is okay with the pregnancy just to apply for the insurance plan. I understand from some of my friends who are from KKH the form itself when requested they did not pay and that they can get it immediately.. Anyone from NUH and requested your gynae to fill up a Gynae form before and did you had to pay for it and wait for 6 weeks too?

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Super Mum

Just bring the form with you next time you see gynae. Dr can tick it and sign it in 10 mins max.