Calm and Smooth Natural Birth Is POSSIBLE❤️

I just gave birth a week ago and I had the best birthing experience with the best team... No epidural...Just want to share to all preggy ladies. Opting for Unmedicated normal delivery and remain calm all thoughout is possible. Just do the breathing technique, listen to relaxing music and trust your body. All the best to all?

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Congrats! Yes, it is! I also delivered my first born naturally without epidural or laughing gas. However, as an episiotomy was performed, local anaesthesia was administered.

4y ago

Agree with Mummy D😁

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Congrats to u! Ultimately it also depends on your pain tolerance level as well. :)

4y ago

Thank you. You can do it. My pain tolerance is super low. But i prepared for this labor hahaha i read and accepted the fact that jts gonna be painful. I did the breathing technique and listened to some hypnobirthing music..

Woah congratulations!! May I know which hospital you delivered in?

Thats great to hear! any good breathing techniques to share?

4y ago

Search hypnobirthing techniques... Also listen to some hypnobirthing music in youtube during active labor. you can surely do it.. Its very painful but your body is designed to it. You are stronger than that pain Momma😉

Congratulations and thanks for sharing this with everyone.


Congrats and well done mummy!

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Thanks for sharing

Congratz to you!

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Congratz! Rest well!