Period or Lochia

Hello, I gave birth September 2, then I started bleeding again like 2-3 days ago up until now. It started like a spotting then it almost filled a panty liner so I started wearing sanitary napkins. The flow increased and now I can fill a regular pad. I don't feel much aside from dull cramps (I have dysmenorrhea and the pain I feel when I'm menstruating is far different and more intense). I'm getting worried since it's just been a month since I gave birth. Am I having my period already or is it still some blood left inside of me after having the baby? P.S. I am not breastfeeding (due to lack of breast milk regardless of everything I did to be able to pump more) and my baby is taking milk formula.

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hi sis i think if brownish red color its lochia pa. i had the same experience. nagstop sya 1 week after i gave birth then nag resume but the color is brownish instead of bright red nung first week. to be sure better consult your OB :)

2y ago

It's bright red. And it doesn't smell so much. When I gave birth, my discharge was red at 1st week, then red brownish at 2nd then brownish watery in 3rd week up until I had the red spotting from 2-3 days ago. Is it possible that because I am not breastfeeding that I am already having my period?