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Hi, I found out that I am pregnant. Now, I’m in my 6th weeks. Haven’t go for scanning but confirm with polyclinic that I’m pregnant on my 5th weeks. But I find it weird that I got no implantation bleeding, spotting and nausea. Is this normal? Had a miscarriage once on 2018. Had 2 daughter already but both had the common pregnancy symptoms. I’m planning to go scanning once I’m in my 8 weeks so can see a bit clearer. Any advices and is this normal not to have any pregnancy symptoms?

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Not everyone have that implantation spotting and it is actually normal especially in the 1st stage but not bleeding. If you bleed, pls see a dr asap bcos normally it's not a good sign. Again not everyone experience the same. Every pregnancy is different so never ever compare yours to others. Nausea usually comes a bit later. BUT if you don't have any of the symptoms, it's okay! Count yourself lucky that you have an easy pregnancy! Also the symptoms comes and goes so try not to worry unnecessarily.

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2y ago

I see! So far my all my pregnancy got implantation bleeding and spotting a bit. Even nausea and morning sickness. If it really no pregnancy symptoms for this time, find myself lucky! As I’m taking care of my infant at the same time and kind of easily makes me tired. My first check up will only be on the end of the month, maybe in my 8-9weeks. Hope everything is ok. Thanks! 🥰

Super Mum

Spotting is not normal actually. So it’s good that you don’t have it. Nausea may come later, or if you’re fortunate, you may not have it:) congrats anyway!

2y ago

Aww I see! Hoping it will stay this way and a healthy pregnancy

I am in the same week as you. No symptoms too. Have a MC late last year. Hope our babies are healthy!

2y ago

I did a scan in early week 5. Doc didn’t see anything yet. Going back coming week. Will be in early week 7.

I had no pregnancy symptoms throughout my pregnancy too. Don’t think too much!

2y ago

Lucky for you! Hope mine is as lucky as you and a healthy pregnancy too!