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I'm 5 weeks today. At 4 weeks, I had naseousness, sore boobs, cramping, feeling gassy. As of now, my sore boobs are not even that sore and I don't have any other symptoms. I was told if you have decreased pregnancy symptoms, it might be MC. I'm afraid cause I had MC July 2021. But this time I've got no bleeding and my last blood HCG was 1070 taken 3 days ago. My first scan will be on 16/2. Normal for symptoms to come and go? What are you experiences..

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May be missed miscarriage. I had miscarriage at 11 weeks, but baby measured at 8 weeks. So the baby actually passed on at 8 weeks 3 days but stayed in my body for 3 weeks. You can go A&E. Explain to them, they will take your blood test HCG as baby probably too small to be seen. They will ask you come back 2 days later to take blood test HCG. If the numbers didn’t double, means most likely miscarriage. As I had similar experience as you at 4-5 weeks, but for me, my HCG did increase and managed to see fetus and heartbeat at 8 weeks.

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4mo ago

As shared I did my blood test, first one was 300+, 48 hours later I did another and its 1070. So it's more than double.. Just wondering if its normal for pregnancy symptoms to come and go.