First trimester cant seems to eat anything

Hi i am on my first trimester. And i cant seems to eat anything except for something that is soupy that is also depends. Can i know what you mummies eat during first trimester ?

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I tried whatever food and whichever gives me aversions or caused me to vomit I wil avoid afters. This pregnancy I have heartburn, anytime of the day, So usually during that time I went for soupy and bland foods like bread and peanut butter, plain crackers, chips, cos I was also craving for something salty at times, milk and cereal, iced water, 100plus occasionally,... Got bored of the foods but for the good sake of not vomiting crazy.

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Because I was having really bad morning sickness, I ate whatever I want (besides pineapple). Includes unhealthy food like French fries and sausage because there is a craving for savoury food... Abstained from bbt until 2nd tri Drank fruit juice to get sugar intake else I feel dizzy when I stand up too quickly

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