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I am a first time mommy to be here, would love if i can get few reccomendation on pregnancy supplements other than folic acid. Since i am a lil bit skinny and a picky eater. I read at google that i should add iron, calcium, fatty acid and vitamin d other than folic acid, but is these supplement can be consume daily all together?

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pre pregnancy & up to 12 weeks, I consumed folic acid - self-bought at pharmacy. Then went to Klinik Kesihatan, they gave Obimin - a comprehensive version of folic acid (you can Google its contents, they're more than just folic acid). Then 20weeks onwards, KK gave Calcium Carbonate 500mg - to be taken twice daily. & from Obimin, KK changed to Zincofer - as Obimin does not help me much in maintaining good hb. Whatever it is, always consult with your doctor before consuming any pills/supplements k 🤗

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