I find it effective to put some drops of baby oil into my baby's ears. (BTW it's my mom who taught me to do this) Helped me clean out the wax easily. But wondering how often should I do it? Any way to check that it's a need to do so again?

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You can also clean your baby’s ear by wiping the outer ear with a warm, damp cloth. Twist the end of the cloth to clean a short way into the ear canal. You can do these during bath time. There is no suggested timeframe as to how often to clean your baby’s ear. But be sure not to insert any foreign objects (such as Q-tips) into your baby’s ears to prevent accidentally rapturing of the eardrum. Some amount of buildup is normal and it only becomes serious when the earwax traps water in the external ear canal or when baby's hearing becomes compromised. If you notice that your child is not responding to sounds appropriately or appears to be experiencing pain, please consult a doctor. For more information: http://www.parents.com/baby/health/ear-infection/earwax-buildup/

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hey Ruby, i also find it a very effective way to clean the baby's ears. now that my kids are older, i use mustard oil instead of baby oil. i do this once a week, otherwise i clean the outer area with a damp cloth and when giving them a bath

Honestly, I'm scared to clean my baby's ears. I never touched them. The pedia does the cleaning for free whenever we visit her for the monthly checkup. I'm just scared to do it on my own.