Cant trust anyone to take care of my baby

I feel like I can’t trust anyone except my husband to take care of my baby. She’s 7 weeks old and loves to be held. I’m so easily agitated with the conventional methods and beliefs of others. I’m tired all the time and I can’t carry out housework like I used to. :( feeling down.. when will I have trust in others with my baby 🥺

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this a normal feeling for a first time mom. Your husband should be your number one supporter. Its hard to take of baby most especially if your a first time mom, Try to talk with others whom you want to entrust your baby so that they will have a know how to your decisions on what you like for a baby. Your child your child rules

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Im also feeling easily agitated taking care of baby. Night feeds are taken care by my hubs but day time baby just dobt cooperate with mi. I dun hv time for housework n even food.. the moment i put her down she cries.. the moment i start eating or doing anything else, she cries!

8mo ago

Ytd my baby went for jab n night time kept crying 🤦🏽‍♀️