How many times do you feed you 1 year old baby solid food?

Hi, I feed my 1 year old baby once a day porridge in the evening , and afternoon will be bread. Morning usually I give him milk. But when we are outside shopping, I will give him almost everything that is less salt and sugar. Is it okay?

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3milk 4solid breakfast oats,bread with fruits or red bean paste. noon&evening main like rice ,noodles. tea time snack similar to breakfast but smaller portions. when we r outside i would dip the food in water to wash away extra sauce or if i manage to find healthy kids meal i will just let her eat it.

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Depends on your LO, mine is 14 months and likes to eat whatever we eat, she doesn’t like porridge or purees anymore. Should be ok as long as it’s a balanced diet

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I feed all meals. Breakfast at 8, lunch at 1130 and dinner at 5ish. Sometimes snack in between too! And agreed with you on the choices for when out and about!

I feed 2 times. Lunch and dinner. Breakfast will be fruits with cereal. When we are outside shopping I will prepare porridge and put in thermal flask.

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for me, I think is ok. because I also feed my lo whatever we eat.