after 5 days of obimin

I fall sick , having fever,flu,sore throat and dry cough. I'm at my 13 wks. I got no appetite to eat. Eeveything I eat I vomit out eventhough I ate the medication. Feeling dehydrated. Try to drink coconut water and water. I'm still feeling week as I have no appetite to eat,what I could eat was just fries. But it's too oily for me. What shall I do? Does eating mango works? Or should I go to poly. This pregnancy is just so different then my 2 boys. Feeling so weak and always tired

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Oh no, hope you are coping fine. Did you call into your gynae and ask why so? Trimester 2 will get better, hang in there!

3y ago

Nope. My next appt is 3 rd sept. I went to poly for those sickness. But doctor say if I'm still unwell I need to go back poly.

I thk is better to check with ur gynae