Im exhausted

I am exhausted. Sometimes i asked myself if i'm good enough to be a mother. I don't know what my kid wants. He hasn't start talking so communication between us is definitely not there. I have to figure out what he wants and most of the time it's not what he wants. I just want to pause the time and chill. Both my husband and my helper is trying to help but i consistently find what they are doing is wrong. I try delegating the tasks but i don't feel confident they're able to do the tasks given. My husband sometimes don't know what to do and i had to rush in to help, my helper likes to force my kid when he doesn't like to do things and i'm always telling her that my son hates to be forced so you must relax. I need to be patient and chill or else i'll show that i'm struggling. Why can't things just be ok right now? Why must it be this hard?

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hang in there dear, at least you have your husband and helper to look after your kid when you are tied up. whereas I'm sorry to say but I am alone when it comes to taking care of my lo. but my baby tends to listen to my husband and my father more. Just have more positive attitude when caring for your kid. Jiayou, Mummy!

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