I am exclusively breastfeeding my 3 mths n 16 mths old but my period returned when he was 2 mths old and now having the 2nd cycle of period. This means i can get pregnant if nt careful. As i have 2 under 2 currently, i would like to take a break frm having #3. I had #2 while i was bfing #1 with no period return. Is it okay for me to eat contra pills while bfing? Will it affect the fertility if i were to try for #3 few yrs down the road? My husband dnt like the idea of using condoms. Any other ways you mummies can suggest?

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Super Mum

You can take contraceptive pills but honestly, I don’t advise that for you, because you’re taking care of 2 kids under 2. You’ll be tired and may forget to take a dose on time. You may want to consider going for the injection instead (either the monthly/3-monthly type), or inserting an IUD, or using the diaphragm (like condoms for female, but more difficult to insert). Otherwise your husband can also either abstain or go for a vasectomy when your family is complete. Then he doesn’t have to worry about condoms.

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