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Can I drink cold drinks during pregnancy?

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As wonderful as those cold drinks are, it is recommended to take cool water instead, at least until your baby is born. Water that is between 50℉ (cool) and 98.6℉ (warm) is less of a shock to your system than, say, ice water (32℉) or hot coffee (140℉). When you’re pregnant, you already have to contend with morning sickness. Drinking water that is too cold or too hot can increase the risk of stomach pains that can lead to that familiar nauseated feeling.

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I did. Personal experience is thst baby came out to have a lot of phlegm. So advisable to drink little or no cold drinks as much as possible for the sake of baby. Coz it's kinda aching seeing he has so much phlegm but yet can't do anything especially when he just came out.

Yes you can. Our midwives actually advise it for when baby has reduced movements. The stories about it causing issues during labour and making babies lungs weaker is all the biggest amount of crap I've ever heard 😂

As long as your comfy do as you wish. Your already pregnant an hot an hormonal. If drinking a cold drink makes you happy do it. Just make sure to stay up on your water 💧💧💧


Recommend to drink room temperature water or warm water. Water is healthier compared to cold drinks like soft drinks or juices.

Can but not too often. As drinking cold stuff often will cause the baby lungs to be weaker, according to Chinese TCM physician.

Little quantities of carbonated soda drinks are fine. But these are not recommended even outside of pregnancy for anyone.

Depends on your immunity. If you’re generally healthy, drinking them once in a while is ok

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Why not, as long it’s make u feel happy and bring comfort. Just don’t have it too much.

My doctor tell me can eat and drink anything. I even drink ice coffee coca cola ...