Feel Lonely

I don't know what should I feel exactly. I don't have anyone to share so I only can share here. Hope I not being annoying here. If I do, I'm sorry in advance. Today supposed to be fun day since it's weekend. I know that. But this morning when waking up I not feeling well. I been vomitting since yesterday even though I in my 27weeks. Due to not feeling well, my husband and I unable to go out and have fun with family. So he being unhappy with me for that. I thought he will took concern or taking care of his pregnant wife who is unwell. But instead he unhappy for not being able to go out and have fun. I feel so hurt for that. He say he love me and our unborn child. But I don't feel that from him. I really feel so lonely. Not once he ask me how I feel, whether want anything. But he with his bad mood. I don't know what should I do. Maybe if I gone, he will be happy cause no burden left.

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