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I did my 5-Day ET on 18 June, did my HCG blood test on 30 June and managed to get a BFP with 670.6 results back. Did my first scan on 12 July managed to see gestational sac (measuring week 4) and yolk sac without fetal pole detected. I suddenly had brown discharge consecutively three days one week later and decide to drop by O&G and finally saw flickering fetal pole measuring approximately 2mm. Back for my scan today and no heart beat detected and gestational sac measuring at 5 weeks day 4. Anyone had similar encounter who can advise me? Thank you in advance! #firstbaby #pregnancy #ivfjourney

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Brown discharge could be implantation spotting which is fairly common when u just conceive. Did you doc do a vaginal scan for fetal heartbeat? Mine did for my first visit at 6 weeks 5 days, and baby was a mere 0.83cm. So I think 5 weeks 4 days may be too early to detect a heartbeat vaginal or through belly. If you did IVF I am assuming your doc is a high risk pregnancy specialist? What did your doc say during the scan? To wait for next scan? Hang in there mama. ❤️

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2y ago

I did the both ultrasound and vaginal scan and was diagnosed with infection so was given antibiotics. Based on the calculation by week I am supposed to be week 8 but gestational age only at 5 weeks day 4 which is a little worrying.

All the best to you! I conceived through ivf too. Diff situation from you but I hope the best for you. Start talking to your baby. Even though he/she’s just an embryo, he/she will feel you. Encourage him/her to grow well and look forward to your next appt. Try not to stress as I believe that wouldn’t help in your embryo’s growth. Really praying that you’ll get to continue this pregnancy journey with your little one! ❤️

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even 6weeks still cannot see , don't worry. detect heartbeat a little later 7-8 weeks ard there . but different pregnancies different outcome okay , don't expect to be same n then don't worrytoo much and don't jus jump in conclusion .. pregnant mamas cannot overthink n stress alot Hang in thr! ☺️

mummy please don’t worry so much. week 5 is still too early to detect heartbeat, it’s absolutely normal. i only detected mine at week 7-8

2y ago

hello! I went through ivf too and this is my first too. only detected heartbeat at week 8 too. don't worry and look forward to your next visit :)

I had the same experience. Dr said the brown discharge could be implantation bleeding. We managed to hear the heartbeat at W6D4

Don't panic Mummy.. heartbeat is usually detected around week 7/8 only. wishing you a healthy pregnancy:)

2y ago

I really pray hard that the baby can hang on there for me, thank you!