6 week scan no heartbeat

Hi all, I did an abdominal scan at the gynae at what I believe was 6 weeks based on LMP but the scan measured the gestational sac as 5 weeks, doctor said there is a yolk sac but no heartbeat found so will have to return 2 weeks later for another scan. It's measuring one week behind and now I'm worried that this is a missed miscarriage. Doesn't help that I'm 39 and this is my first ever pregnancy after trying for 2 years. Is it normal to measure behind time and no heartbeat at 6 weeks scan?

6 week scan no heartbeat
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Hi. it's too early to detect a heartbeat. usually it will be viable on the 8th week onwards. all the best to you!

seems normal that there’s no heartbeat in early weeks, mine had heartbeat at 8-9weeks. have faith! :)

2y ago

thank you for the encouragement ❤

Dun worry too much.. u could have ovulated later.. mine was one week late too