Working and cant eat on time

I am currently working but aready at 19weeks pregnant, but because of my working hours I cant get to eat on time or whenever i feel hungry, will this affect the baby as I am so worried.. But i do drink lots of water :(

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Mmmm I would suggest talk to your manager & HR give you 30 mins for break just to have your meals. Baby needs nutrition , mummy also have to eat so won’t get gastric or sick easily:) -fish such as Salmon, cod fish ( avoid mercury fishes : swordfish, mackerel ) -Milk -eggs - Veggies: such as Broccoli , kale and spinach, carrot, tomatoes , celery - sweet potatoes - baked potatoes - lean meat - fruits such as apple, pear , blueberries, raspberries, strawberries . - drink a lot of soups - pasta also ok - smoothie, juices , yoghurts, milk shake ( not too sweet ) If u ain’t sure, chat with gynae and ask for a list ;)

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Hi mum. Keep some snack with you and eat when you feel hungry, It is not good being empty tummy for long time. as your baby get nutrition from you.

3y ago

I am about the same as you. as in baby's age. jiayou :)

try milk instead of water