Frequent headache

I currently 17 weeks, my first time experience frequent headache for this 2weeks. Have on off consume panadol if its really bad. Any mummies experience it before?

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Maybe you could be dehydrated. Try drink more than usual. You need more than 8 glasses of water per day when you’re pregnant. See if that helps instead. Take care!

2y ago

Sure, no problem. Thank you.

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Yeah..I often use salonpas patch on my forehead 🙊..please make higher of your pillow when you rest and enough eat & drink..

2y ago

No worries 😊 Stay healthy and safe 💪

I did in my first trimester but I didn’t take Panadol. I just took more rest and used a hot water bag on my forehead.

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Yes it's normal. Do consult your doctor if the pain gets too unbearable take care

2y ago

Thanks Jasmine.

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Yup, had it a lot too, especially with fatigue.


Ask your hubs to massage! Really helps.

2y ago

I try to sleep more but after that more headache so no choice i ate panadol

Try drinking 100plus..

2y ago

Thank you 😄