I chop my long hair off to shoulder length still able to tied my hair up. I am feeling ugly with my short hair. I did not cut my fringe wondering if I cut my fringe short will it be more better at least can make me a cute mummy :D

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Hi fringe to me is the most important part of a hairstyle and sadly many stylists do not know how to cut fringe. They either layer it too thin or cut it too short. I am wary of cutting fringe so pls make sure you choose a good stylist and show her the picture of the fringe you want. My experience is people tend to over cut their fringe, when it is too short it can't be swept to the side and will look weird. The best length is somewhere just above the eyes , that makes the eyes look bigger . I think fringe thatnow aide swept softens the look. Think those Japanese ladies fringe .

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I guess the cuteness level depends on how your face shape is. Not all face shape fits well with a short fridge. Cuteness also depends on which type you are referring to: cute when pinned up or cute when hair is down? Anyway, no harm trying. =)

Hey there cute mommy! You can perhaps check out how it looks like in the mirror by pulling your fringe up. It's a risk cutting the fringe though because it's a hit or miss. How about clipping it to the side :-)