I can't produce enough breast milk. Should I consider infant formula?

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For me personally, no matter how hard I tried, despite countless visits to the lactation consultant, despite stuffing my self with milk boosting food like fenugreek and chia seeds, despite buying gimmicks that claim to help boost milk supplies and despite my endless pumping, I still couldn't produce enough yield after 6 weeks. I got into post natal depression and cried whenever my son cried. I also felt extremely guilty that I wasn't able to breastfeed like other mummies. But one day, when my sister started helping out with the baby, it occured to me that I should be cherishing these moments and filling it with happiness instead of such guilt and sorrow. I switched to formula milk ever since then and never looked back irregardless of what others might say. Now I get to spend lots of time being happy with my kids instead.

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3y ago

Thank you so much for sharing this. Made me feel better.. i too tried so hard n tried so many ways to increase my milk but it refuses to budge.. had depression as well n couldnt bear hearing the side remarks from others from not BF..