10 kg at 19 months old, okay lang ba yun?

I am a bit worried my daughter doesnt eat 3 times a day as soon as she started teething molars. Its been three days now she is only eating during afternoon and some days dinner. I give her smoothie if she doesnt like to eat. I dont know if I need to worry or not. If she doesnt like the main meal i give her options like fruits and snacks though. Is her weight low? Her birthweight is 2.8kgs. Shes active and playing naman e. She even eats on her own.

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Super Mum

Normal lang po ata magloose ng weight sa ganyang edad mommy.. Keep offering nutritious food pa rin po.. Baka dahil nga po sa pagteething yung pagskip ng meal😊 consult your pedia just to make sure na nasa ideal bodyweight naman po si baby😊