How to introduce food to baby

My baby is 6 months and 23 days now but still she doesnt like food that i offer to her. Is she just dont want to eat or shes not ready to take in solid foods? Any advice? Thanks!

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Hello. It is not easy to wean. The new food flavours may be overpowering. Try introducing one flavour at a time. Mash boiled carrots for three days, then introduce boiled mash pear, and so on. Try one flavour for 3 days at least. Also, mix some bm with it.

4y ago

Yes. Im really having a hard time.. but thank you for replying. Im going to try what uve said. ☺

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just have patience and repeat feeding everyday until baby adjusts. also try to mix breast milk or formula along with the food that you offer your baby.

4y ago

Thanks Mommy Lee going to try that! ☺