Eaten Royal Pudding

I ate this pudding (2 portion) from paris baguette. I then realised it is a custard pudding, i am now worried that it contain raw eggs. I asked the staffs but they dont seem to know whether it contain raw eggs/no.. anyone have eaten this and what are ur thoughts? Quite worry now

Eaten Royal Pudding
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I don’t think retailers will risk using unpasteurized eggs especially they will be on the chiller for few days. Not only they are afraid of implicating preggies but also people with lower immune system. Don’t worry too much :)

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Hey don’t worry too much. Eating 1/2 un raw eggs occasionally is fine. Some gynae even suggest to some mums to take half boiled eggs to increase protein intake

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You have already eaten. No point worrying bout it now. However, if u feel unwell, call ur gynae

Don’t worry I ate this too and my baby is just fine (:

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Raw eggs r good for health anyways .. so don’t worry

Just monitor for the next 24 hours

Don't worry :)