When does your baby sleeps through the night?

Hi! Can i ask when does your baby sleeps through the night? Mine is 9 months old and stills wakes up once or twice for milk isit normal?

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1st bb - slept through around 5 mths. keep on brainwashing him before his sleep. tell him no milk even if he wakes up in the middle of the night. I feed more at 11 plus pm n he can sleep till 5 plus am. as he grew older around 10 mth, sleep trained him sleep at 9.30pm n wake up 6 plus am. now 22 mth sleep from 9.30pm to about 8am. all without night feeds. now 2nd bb 2 mths. feed about 120ml around 11.30pm n sleep till 4plus am. slowly dragging his midnight feeds

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I think my 1st bb was around 5 mths. u need to talk to the bb to ask him drink more during last feed around 10 plus 11pm. then tell him wake up at 5 plus 6am. in btw wake up no feed. this is what my neighbour teach me and it works. keep talking to bb everynight b4 sleep now my 2 mths plus bb last feed 11.30pm and wakes up around 4plus for milk. trying to stretch his timing too. we also try to feed more at last feed.

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Some babies do it naturally, some need to be trained. My baby was sleep trained to fall asleep on her own at about 5 months, then we weaned off night feeds at 11+ months. Since then, she slept through the night

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First step is to disconnect the association between feeding and sleeping. So we kept her awake during feeds, and only put her to bed at least 15 minutes after. Secondly, we trained her to fall asleep on her own. There are many methods, but my husband believes cry-it-out (for an older baby) is effective and has no long term consequences (which is true, for my older kid), so he did that. Gave her her friend (soft toy), turned on white noise and closed the door. Both my kids could fall asleep without parental help and almost no more crying within 2 weeks. (And they’re still v happy kids). But of course, please choose a method you’re comfortable with. Anyway the most effective add on is to stop breastfeeding (at least the night feeds). Once you stop and they realise there’s no more breast, they’ll sleep through without screaming for it. Honestly, they also forget very quickly that they ever breastfed. The one who feels the greatest loss is us 😅 But we start showing them love in different w

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Yes. My LO slept thru the night when she was around 18 months. It depends on when the bb is ready.

Yes it’s normal. There’s no specific age for when they will sleep through the night

my 2M bb sleep till morning, need to feed the bb more milk before sleep.

2y ago

It’s a developmental milestone. Done rush and try to force feed more milk, that will cause other issues. Remember their stomach is still small, so they need to top up milk throughout the night. It was around 8 ish months my little one naturally drop to just one feed. Then 13 months can sleep through the night.


mine 18 months old still wakes up 3hourly for milk 😭

It will take some time.