I am down with high fever. I am afraid to take any panadol as i am afraid that it will harm my baby. Is it perfectly safe to take panadol? Will my high fever affect my unborn baby?

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According to this table from Singacare.com, Paracetamol is the safest to use during pregnancy and it is an active ingredient in Panadol. However, not all variants of Panadol are safe to use like Panadol Extra due to its high caffeine content. Best to check with your doctor first. Hope you feel well soon! http://singacare.com/management-of-common-ailments-in-pregnancy/

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Panadol is generally considered safe for short-term use during pregnancy. Some of my mommy friends were reluctant to take panadol just like you but they did it anyway and everything turned out fine. As long as it's not excessive, I reckon all will be well. Get well soon!

no painkillers at all. talk to ur doctor instd if posting here. don't listen to suggestions which worked for them, but it's not necessary that what works for them works for you too

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GP told me that Panadols are the safest to use in market for pain relieving during pregnancy, other than that no other painkillers offer such assistance.

Have been taking panadol for my headaches because it has been too much to bear. On a side note, the panadol was prescribed by my gynae.

Yes..I agree wit it to.Panadol is safe in general. just dun take Panadol wit "Extra".

panadol the white round pill is ok . extra have caffine in it and might affect baby sleep .