Milk and more milk!

I am always worried about my child is not taking enough nutrients because she is a picky eater, she don't takes vegetables or meat. That's why instead of fresh milk I am still giving her Formula milk. Are there mummy still giving formula milk to their toddler? 🥛🍼🥛🍼

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Super Mum

It is OK to still give fm to your toddler but have to understand that their main source of nutrients don't come from milk anymore. It is important to let her eat her food in order for her to get those nutrients from there. Can I know if she tried the food? Or she just reject upon seeing them? Maybe you need to stop giving her milk in order for her to eat her food. Kids are smart... She knows that you will give her her milk if she doesn't eat her food. If you think that this method is too harsh then maybe you can try letting her prepare her food with you. You must lead by example too.. Eat together with her and eat everything so she can copy and follow.

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