I am 5 months postpartum and just started wearing a corset. Has anyone here tried wearing one and is it effective?

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I used a compression belt from mamaway. I invested in one because the hospital binder gets loose and is very bulky. I can say, it is very helpful not only for cs moms but also for normal delivery moms as well. Really helps bring your tummy back to shape and noticed i had minimal stretch marks. I used one from birth until as my ob advised, 6 mos to a year post partum.

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It depends what corset it is. If it's the steel-boned one, I suggest you stay away from it and ditch it. It's not really a comfortable thing to wear and mal lead to complications if improperly used. But if it's the rubberized one, that will do. I sugestv you buy the one with mesh so it can be breathable.

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Where do you buy? My Tummy like 5 months pregnant although I am almost back to normal. And I have a curve in shape which gynae said I might need general surgery to correct it. I hv 3 kids ard and surgery is a no no for me at this moment