I 35-year-old with PCOD. Do I have any chances of getting pregnant?

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You can get advise from gynae whether it is necessary to remove the cysts in order to increase your chance of conceiving. I do have friends who has PCOS are successfully conceived without the need to remove the cyst. However it depends on individual's condition and gynae will be the best professional to advise you.

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I think you mean Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Yes, it affects fertility due to the hormonal imbalance. You may consider in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polycystic_ovary_syndrome

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Yes! Please try a ketogenic diet 😊 you will find a lot of information around PCOS and keto on youtube

Hi, i was reading about about PCOS and related queries from this https://zealthy.in/en/topic/pcod. Hope this helps.

im 38 yrs old and i have polycystic ovaries. i tried clomid for 1 cycle on May to ovulate but didnt manage to get pregnant. lost a bit of weight and im surprised i got pregnant this Sept.

hi i have pcos since 19yrs old .. Im now 25 with a 1yr old. my sister have pcos also she is now 34, you can get pregnant just follow a healthy diet, I lessen my rice intake once a day half a cup every lunch, morning apples or any fruits at night i would eat steam veggies or chicken, i stopped eating sweets , alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, and drink vit.C and vit.E and lots pf water . you need to set your mind na you want to have a baby. my doc. gave me pills for my pcos but I never drink them. i eat ice cream or sweets once a month, I did this for almost 4 months and I got pregnant.I hope this helps ❤️

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thanks for your tips! pray for me.

Yes, one can get pregnant. I was reading this article, this can help. https://www.health-total.com/pcod/