how to avoid vomiting when pregnant

I am 3 or 4 weeks pregnant, and not yet visit a doctor fir check up, but I already had my pregnancy test two times already and it was positive. I was wondering since only amost a month why did I vomit every night after dinner instead vomiy in the morning as morning sickness. ?

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Sabi po nung nurse namin sa company clinic, isang cube ng yelo ibabad at unti unting lunukin parang kendi, after nun pinag skyflakes nya ko. So far that trick worked on me my scientific explanation po un di ko lng tanda 😅

U cant avoid it since yan ang one factor na sign na pregnant ka. U can prevent it by eating orange and singhutin nyo po ung balat ng orange. Or atleast to lessen lg.

yan din po yung na experience ko now mommy...almost every night during bedtime umaataki yung sinisikmura ka na feeling..then sinusuka lahat ng kinain..

it doesn't mean naman po mami na morning sickness can only happen sa umaga actually it could happen anytime of the day and dont worry its all normal

Yes, its a morning sickness. You must visit a doctor to check the status of your Baby. Thats the most important thing to do

Hi, momsh! During my first trimester, I experienced nausea and vomiting rin almost every morning and night.

pareho po tayo maam every night dn ako nagsusuka.