Csect Postpartum Pain

I am 1 month csect postpartum and i can feel the area around my cesect wound is still painful and kind of sore internally. The wound line itself seems alrite. Is internally i am still feeling pain. Is it normal? I am afraid i might hurt my wound as i have been doing housework, abit of squatting etc.

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I had internal sore during 1 month post partum also. And then 3-4 days later I had my first period. My csect wound sometimes may have sharp pain sensation too. I guess should be OK as long it's not infected

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Yes the internal soreness took me a few months. You're still healing so take it slow, no heavy lifting and wear the tummy binder if possible.

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I don't have any internal pain, last time only external pain at the first week, but gone after that, maybe should check with your gynae

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Please rest! I heard my friends who c sec, they usually refrain from bending down / bending over for at least 3 months.

2y ago

Tough to fully rest.

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Normal but also best to consult your gynaecologist...