My husband is chinese but doesn't speak chinese; I am Filipino who studied in a chinese school but never really mastered the language and eventually forgot it. My father in law wants us to enroll our dau in a chinese school. I want my child to learn the language since I think all of her future cousins will surely enroll in chinese schools and Im afraid she might get left behind or OP. But we want our children to attend progressive schools. Is there a chinese progressive school in Manila? or what is the best chinese school in Manila? Would my child learn the language even if we do not speak the language at home?

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My cousin studies in Hope Christian Academy and I heard it's one of the top Chinese schools there is in Manila. Their education system is based on a Singaporean structure, as far as I know. You can try Cambridge Child Development Centre too, located in Binondo. It's a relatively known toddler school and I believe they offer Chinese class and the medium of instruction can be English and Chinese. Not sure, though, if it's a progressive type of school. You can read a review about it here:

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thanks for the tip :)