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How do you usually decide on your child's name if both are different genders. my #1 is girl and I'm expecting a boy this time. #1 name is Clarabelle. Would you choose a name that begins with the alphabet 'C' for your #2 or? Any nice names to suggest for baby boys?

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I had a famous artist/painter name in mind when I was pregnant. However, my baby was quite a kicker, he(as I later found out the gender from the ultrasound scans) literally loves to kick a lot in my belly when I was pregnant with him. Anyway what I did was to read out (aloud) several baby names I liked from my mum's old book of baby names and one of the names wasn't met with any resistance (this was the one name he didn't kick at from within my belly, unlike all the others). I even felt a sense of inner peace when I mentioned that name aloud. That was how I knew that would be my baby's name 😂.

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Both my kids start with the same letter, but there’s really no hard and fast rule:) Choose what you like. I also have some friends whose names don’t start with the same letter as their siblings, but the number of syllables are the same (3 syllables in their case). If you happen to want the same starting letter and number of syllables, some names I can think of are: Christopher Constantine

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I like them having the same alphabet for the first letter (D) of their name just like their dad. as long as name is nice and with good meaning plus not most popular (coz will be too common in future). I will check the meaning of name before deciding too

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Both my boys have diff alphabet. It's up to ur preference and the meaning u wanna have behind ur child's name. My boys names are Zeph & Owein, totally like no link at all. But end of the day, we jus have to make sure it's easy to call n we like it!

I almost wanted to name my son, Caden. Caleb. I wanted the same alphabet for my second. But my girl starts with R and for a boy is too tough to find. In the end we have a different one. But their Chinese name have the same middle name.

my name starts with C & my hubby starts with F. my twin gal starts with E & twin boy starts with D. so their name is sort of between both of us. i do not like uncommon or fancy names though. prefer traditional meaningful names

My parents name my siblings and I with the same letter ‘C’ You can choose to name your boy with the letter ‘C’ like Chris, Collin, Christian, Cory. Lastly, congrats on your bundle of joy

well, its a personal preference. I rather the name sounded nice and timeless than to follow a pattern. for me I consider will the name be made fun of, can he/she grow with the name etc

Waaaa congrats babe! I would find something same as Zephyr, as first Zephyra female greek god of Zephyrus, but i don't want a copy of Zephyr, so thought of Zenovia.

Up to u depending on your preference. My first is going to be a boy and I’m naming him Linden. If he ever has a brother, it’ll be Lindsen or Lindsey for sister