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How do you usually decide on your child's name if both are different genders. my #1 is girl and I'm expecting a boy this time. #1 name is Clarabelle. Would you choose a name that begins with the alphabet 'C' for your #2 or? Any nice names to suggest for baby boys?

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Personal preference. More of what you and hubby like. if it was a girl she would have followed my surname and boy will follow daddy surname

Having the same thoughts too. My #1 girl name start with J. Now I am thinking if #2 should be the same. J, or whatever I like.

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Just choose a name you like and suit the child. Not necessarily have C I would say. Mine is G and D. So i call team D&G. Haha


Would be nice to have second child name start with C too but there is no hard and fast rule. It’s all up to you

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I would. It’s nice to have the same starting letter. Can consider: Caleb Colin Carter Colin Cyrus Caden Clyde

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My #1 is a boy and i name him caelan, my upcomi ng #2 is a girl and likely she will be name as caelyn.

See what alphabet you need, so that the first alphabet of the names forms a word..

My girl followed me n start with C whereas my boy followed my hb n starts with A.

Just go with your preference and don’t bother about anything else

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My LOs start with same alphabet & end with the same alphabet