How to explain a 4 year old, where do babies come from?

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Some tips include: Keep it conversational (i.e. in a matter-of-fact way) and follow your child’s lead. Answer his/her question, making sure that you understand what your child is asking (sometimes “where do I come from” may just be a question of “which country do I come from”). You can do so by asking him/her “what do you think?” and proceed from there. Using the correct terms. Baby grows inside of a mother’s womb/uterus (instead of tummy). This will minimize confusion. Telling it as a story. You can follow the usual plotline: The mommy and daddy make a baby, the baby grows inside the mommy's womb, and the baby comes out when he's ready. This helps to explain that there is a process leading up to birth and it happens over time. You can refer to this article for more tips and also some answer to the FAQ (on page 2) faced by parents from their children:

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