Where is the best place to learn piano around Sengkang for a 4 year old

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Hi there, for a good piano lesson teacher I'm highly recommending Adeline Yeo's piano studio in Cardiff Grove. Her music programs are really good for any age, she really maximizes the time in every session which makes for faster progress. She does private lessons as well, and home teaching if you prefer to use your own piano. Piano lessons with Adeline helped my child improve in so many aspects that it truly is commendable how she teachers her students. No doubt Adeline is one of the best out there :D This is her website https://www.pianolessonsadelineyeo.com/ Hope this helps! :)

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I recommend that you just use a piano teacher agency to find a teacher near your place or can travel to Sengkang easily... They only charge teachers money anyway, students pay the same whether or not you go through an agency. Just make sure to communicate your child's learning requirements and preferences to the agency beforehand. Here are some examples I found on Google: https://www.pianolesson.com.sg/ https://www.sglearnpiano.com/

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You can try Cristofori at Rivervale Plaza (quite established school) or http://yourpianolessons.com/piano-teacher-evelyn-lim-sengkang. Based on the testimonials, she seems to be quite a good choice.

i am teaching around at lorong chuan area . pm me 96847270

Sengkang community center has music lessons

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