How To Tell if Your Baby is Head Down Position Ultrasound scan is the only method to find out for certain your baby’s position.  There are clues that you can look for, though.  Signs that your baby is in the correct head down (cephalic) can include: If you notice that there is a lump to the right or left of your tummy, gently press it. If when you do so you feel your infant’s entire body move, it’s likely that it’s head down. Try pressing gently on your pubic bone. Do you feel something hard and round?  This is probably your baby’s head. Your baby is probably head down if you feel kicks up high and “butterfly” feelings down low. If your baby is in a head down position, you will probably find that you can feel his or her hiccups beneath your belly button. Perhaps ask your partners to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. The infant is probably head down if the heartbeat is low in your belly.

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thanks for this very helpful. nararanasan ko ung butterfly feeling down low tas big movements under my ribs. 😁


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