Sibling Fights

How to stop sibling fights? Any tried and tested methods?

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Let them go through the motion. When they need you they’ll come to you and that’s when you can start using these as teachable moments to guide and do deep talks ◡̈

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I agree with the other mums here. I let them quarrel without getting physical. I don't allow them to hit each other. If they are really upset with each other, I have encouraged them to sit down and talk. Sometimes that involves yelling and tears, but it's okay, at least they're talking about it.

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Unless it gets dangerous I don’t bother to interfere too much. These are practical ways to learn problem solving and negotiating! And some of the best memories of childhood. 😀

I just let them fight! As Long as they are not doing anything dangerously crazy to each other.

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I let them be when they're not hurting each other (at least not too much) haha.

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