How can you get rid of Sibling rivalry? or can we really get rid of it? Any tips on how to avoid sibling rivalry on opposite gender.

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For me, I think that some degree of competition or comparison between siblings is healthy. The main thing I would take note of is to avoid always putting one particular child down. Recognize the strength of each child and play to each one’s advantage at various points. For example, have a reading competition and see who can read the most number of books in a week. Praise both children for their efforts (regardless who won) but give more credit to the one who read more. Have another contest that would be to the other’s child’s advantage (based on your child’s strength). Children, especially siblings, learn from one another and could benefit from such healthy competition. I grew up in a family with three children (with one brother and one sister) and it is really difficult to minimize sibling rivalry. Fighting with one another is just part and parcel (and, in a way, the fun) of having siblings. ;) My parents always made sure we play fair and always use reason and logic in determining who is at fault (or who to praise). They never play favorites (at least not in front of us) when handling conflicts so our "rivalry" has never escalated to anything that (in my opinion) would cause any emotional harm.

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Thank you! I will take note of this. Being a referee for both kids can be draining at some point I just let them fix their own problem before they start to point fingers who is at fault. :)

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For me I always involve both kids in most of the activities and if both fight both won’t get to play . If any one create trouble both will get punish .


start from getting them to appreciate each other

Don't scold in front of other

Care them both