How to start solid food for my LO? He is turning 6 months next week. And I wonder is it once he is 6 months he should eat puree or porridge? How to schedule his meal?

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Before offering anything, make sure LO is ready for solids - don't rush into it just because he turned 6 months old! Some signs of readiness would be sitting up unsupported and showing eagerness in food :) You can start with single-ingredient purée first - usually offered for 3 days in a row to observe for adverse reaction before moving on to the next. Once you cleared a few different types, you can move on to mixing two together like carrot + apple :) As for porridge, I'd suggest plain porridge first - then subsequently add ingredients like meat, vegetables etc. Also do it one ingredient at a time so you can pinpoint which ingredient it is if he has an allergy :) For scheduling, I usually offer once in the afternoon - about 1-1.5 hours after his milk feed. Don't have to prepare a lot, just a small bowl will do! Below 1yo, milk is still our LO's main source of nutrients - so any kind of solids before that is actually "just for fun". Don't be too worried if he's not picking it up well, or fast enough compared to others!

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