Anyone at 28 weeks?

How r u guys feeling right now? I'm having mix emotions filled with excitement and at the same time anxious!

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28 weeks breech padin si baby. 6montns on may ultrasound siya nagstart magbreech position. Tinatry ko ung mga remedy how to turn baby to normal position pero until now ramdam ko padin siya sumisipa sa low abdomen ko. May pag asa kaya siya umikot. Ayoko ng ceasarian. 😢😢😢

hi everyone, I'm at 28 weeks and 5 days.. feeling nervous and honestly worried 😫 had my growth scan and baby head is small at 3 percentile. anyone experience it or someone u know perhaps? I have many thoughts going thru my head and can't keep my mind off it

hi... im now 28 weeks too.... baby's head is down but my placenta is on the low mid side.... its my 4th child and my first time having this issue... hope it gets better by next mth so i wont have to go for c sect ...

1y ago

praise GOD yours is okay now. praying that mine too will correct itself by next checkup 🙏

Hihi, first time mum at 28 weeks now too. Same! Mixed feelings of excitement, nervousness and occasional surge in anxiety. Not sure if it's the hormones playing tricks 😕

Constantly in pain and feel less energetic than 2nd trimester. Feels like 1st trimester all over again. But im so excited for my baby to come so I can huggy and kissy. Hahahahah

28 weeks here! So looking forward to meet but baby but so not looking forward to the process....🤣 just hoping that everything goes smoothly. Anyone delivering at kkh?

3mo ago

Planning for natural birth too!!! So far dr didn’t mentioned anything 🤞🏻 You have a safe and smooth delivery 💪🏻💪🏻

I dont know how i feel actually😂... Im approaching 32 weeks, jus felt kinda scary that i will be in an operating room soon 😂

3y ago

Whahahahah... you are so cool 👍👍👍

same here.. 28weeks nervous cos my baby is breech.. hope she turn her head in down.. before my due date..

1y ago

im 28 weeks too and my baby is breech hope he turn his head down soon...

me too. Guess it's normal has we are just few more months or weeks down the journey

28 weeks here. feeling nervous coz my due date is almost near .

1y ago

Wow so organised 🥰