How much time your teenagers spend with phone/ computer

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I believe they do, even elder people also spend too much time on technological devices. However I cannot say that this is bad. “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” said Stephen Hawking (RIP). The world changes with technology and we need to adapt to survive and to be better. We carry phones and other small gadgets everywhere.

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Way too much than one should be. He is addicted to it, is either on the mobile or Tablet or on the Laptop. almost spends 6-8 hrs. I have been trying to solve this problem by planning vacations every 2-3 months so he develops an interest for nature i.e. beaches, wildlife sanctuary etc...

My son is 12. There must be house rules. Show him articles that too much screen time can cause behaviour and anger management issue. Lucky My son accept this facts too. So, I only let him play computer or phone per day not more than 3 hours. If he attitude me he shall be ban for a week

Teenagers spend 8-9hrs of time in mobile/computer. It’s important to maintain a balance between screen time and physical activity to ensure your teen is in the best physical and mental health they can be.

1 to 1.5 hrs a day. You need to restrict phone, tab and TV. Mine doesn't use computer that much. But is a struggle particularly if you dint set the rules in the beginning.

My youngest who is 14 years old is only allowed during MWF, Sat-Sun. Nakatago samin cellphone nya on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Pero si eldest kahit anong oras.

1-2hrs during weekdays except during exam days and 2-3hrs at weekend. I have a strict rule on this to teach them about time management.


Too much time. Have started to limit to 1.5 hours a day for playtime and watching shows but it’s a struggle with my teen but it has to be done

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