How do your educate your teens boys? My boy is 14yo and i caught him erecting and kept shutting himself behind doors. He doesnt use computer and his phone is always locked. What should i do?

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Have a sincere heart to heart talk with him. Teens need a patient a loving set of parents to help him navigate this challenging time in their life. Also, it would be good for him to have friends to Socialise with. Maybe not using computer and phone being locked also cuts away his connection with friends and outside world. The key is to talk to him to understand what is in his heart

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Talk to him - adult to adult It’s Not a shameful thing Don’t turn it into something taboo He is also growing up and would want his own privacy too.... we were all that age once :) Last thing u want is for him to shun away from family

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Best thing is to talk to him. explain that at this age this is normal. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes it happens even unintentionally. Talking openly will help more than avoiding it...

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This is very normal and it is nothing to be shameful of. I believe every teenage boys have experience the same situation. It is just a phase in life. Get your husband to talk to him openly.

Be open with them, and be genuine about it. Don’t be embarrassed to speak to them because you might give them the wrong idea that this is something to feel ashamed of when it’s not.

I would Definetly talk to him about it. I would be very worried. Have you tried talking to him?

Talk to him about it. Take him to the library.