How much expressed breastmilk does a 3 month old usually consume per feeding? Mine has been taking 100ml per feeding since 2 months old. Wondering if that's okay.

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My girl drinks about 70ml every two hourly and latches at home. She managed to be at 90th percentile despite everyone telling me she is drinking too little.
Different baby grow differently. Don't worry too much as long as your baby is growing.
At 2 months, my boy was drinking 100ml. Babies know how much they need. Some may take more or less it differs. Not to worry, you cant overfeed an infant. They are really smart and will know when
There is no real /long established formulae or baby to drink as most of the recommendation are based on fm volume. On top of that, everybody's bm is slightly different, some are more fattty or protein
Hi, It differs from baby to baby but 100 ml or little more than that is fine. Also, it depends on how many times he is taking the feed. Within a week or so, you can experiment with feeing him a littl