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Hi mummies My baby currently is 2 months 15 days, recently he's been sleeping a lot and the frequency of asking for milk is longer now. He used to drink 90-100ml per feeding 2 hourly, now he will drink 60-90ml per feeding 3-4 hourly. Is it normal? He's on mixed feeding, day time breastmilk night time on formula.

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Could it be cuz he is drinking more by latching now?

3y ago

No latching, he is fully bottle feed. He doesn't like to latch.

Super Mum

Hi, how heavy is he?

3y ago

He needs at least 840ml/day (150ml/kg/day) ideally. If he’s going through a growth spurt (usually lasts a few days), he may sleep more and drink less, but try to encourage him to drink more each time or more often:)