2 month old milk intake

How many ml is your 2 month old baby drinking per day?

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My LO latches so I'm not sure but the Paediatrician did mention the total intake per day should minimumly be 100ml x baby's weight. So if baby is 4kg then baby should have a MINIMUM of 400ml per 24 hours. Attached an image for your reference.

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Baby is 1 month 3 weeks old, drinking 90ml per feed for every 2.5hrs. But there will be 1 or 2 feeds that exceed to probably 120ml if baby demands for more. Usually I feed on demand and when pacifier can no longer calm him down.

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Persistent is important. At least mow he drink more. Mine can sleep for 5hours and wake up still drinking only 70ml. Ya sleeping throughout need more time

sometimes.. depends on baby.. but what i can recall is.. baby age between 0month-6month every 2,3 hrs

Mine is drinking 100ml now and around 2+ to 3h. Around 5-7 feeds each day. Sometimes she sleeps thru the night

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How long doesn’t it take to finish

Private doctor told me to follow the milk powder tin cause different milk powder tin got different ML

My 6 week old is drinking 100-120ml every 3hrs


Approx 600ml a day , averaging 100ml per feed

90ml of express breast milk

1y ago

maybe your child is not hungry ba. can try reducing quantity or lengthen the feeding time