2 months old milk intake

How much ML your 2 months old baby take and how how long per day?

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It depends on your baby's weight actually; 150ml multiply by weight is the total estimated quantity needed. You can divide that amount by the number of feeds a day, E.g. 8 feeds a day. My 7 weeks old is 4.3kg, takes a range of 80-120ml by bottle. I also latch on demand in between feeding ebm. Babies do have varying appetite throughout the day, like adults. Sometimes they are hungrier. During growth spurts, my baby wants 50-100% more milk. I take cues from her, she usually refuses more when she's full.

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Hello! My baby at 2MO was taking 60ml of milk, every 3 to 4 hours. I feed on demand and my baby's height n weught is 25th percentile. This is just a reference for you as every baby might b different. Hope it helps!