Missed period!

How many days after missed period did you do the pregnancy test?

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7 days mine. Expecting po na darating na ng dec 28 ang period ko kaso 7days na late wla pa kaya, i'll buy pregnancy test and result two line po. Then i sched my check up and take vitamins folic acid. And i was really feeling sick.

A day before my expected period, Actually it was not missed period, but I am experiencing what pregnant was experiencing, so I decided to take pregnancy test, then I was surprised its positive. Thank you Lord, its a blessing for us.

It's not yet my period date yet but I felt something was happening in my body that's why I tried to buy a home kit and I used it and turn out to be positive 4 days before my exact period day

2 days missed period. I did it because my breast started hurting and cramps. It came out positive d first try. Didnt believe it, tried another test using the digital tester and still came out “preganant 2-3 weeks”

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4 days missed period then early in the morning ,I try to check with that PT(First big white).. then I go to the hospital to confirmed it again and yes also got double line (second PT).. was so surprised and happy for it..

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tested positive just 1 day after my missed period! didn't want to test actually but i dreamt that i gt a positive pregnancy test the night before and thought "maybe this is a sign". was still super surprised though 🤣

I missed my period for over a month. I’ve tired the home pregnancy test kit and it showed that I wasn’t pregnant. But 2 weeks later when I went to see a gyne, he told me that I’m pregnant.

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I’ve tested urine with dip stick. :)

Nagtake ako ng tatlong ibat ibang brand at ginamit ko yung dallawa nung una igot 2 lines but pinkish and ginamit ko ullit yung isa nitong october5 at naging red na sila , Preggy nakaya talaga ako kapag ganito ?

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lmp ko po is dec 18/2020 delayed 6days and try po ako once ng pt and positive po agad 2 clear lines po. thanks God for this miracle ❤️🙏 sna mging healthy kmi ni bby .

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Mine after 4 days missed period, tried using Hpt but negative, after 2 weeks after, faint line. Then 2 days agin after, tried digital PT and it says pregnant.🙂

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